Giving Heart's Values


Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior

  • We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that his death, burial, and resurrection are sufficient to atone for our sins.
  • We believe the Bible is the word of God, without error, and therefore view it as our primary source of authority in all aspects of our operations.
  • We take seriously our call to be in relationship with God, and to following His command to love God and to love people.

Every person should be loved

  • We believe that all people were created by God, and therefore have God given skills and abilities to contribute positively to their lives and their community.
  • Every staff, board member, volunteer, and partner should seek to display a character of humility, compassion, honesty, and love throughout all areas of their lives.
  • We desire to form healthy relationships with everyone associated with our ministry.

Opportunities for change are cultivated

  • We understand that change can only come from the work of God in our lives.
  • We desire to provide programs and services to assist transformation in people’s lives.
  • The individual that desires change in their life is expected to contribute to the process.

Community is essential

  • We believe all Christians should be connected to a local church body.
  • We desire to be a good neighbor to all of those within our greater community.
  • We will constantly seek effective ways to meet the needs of those in the surrounding community.

Partnerships and volunteers are cherished

  • We want to provide opportunities for our volunteers and partnering organizations to flourish as they serve within our ministry.
  • All partners and volunteers should understand that they will operate around the framework of established programs and services.
  • Partnering organizations do not have to agree with every value of our ministry, but must offer services that compliment our mission.