Current Donation Needs


Clothing items:

Mens and Womens coats            Snow Pants

Thermal tops and pants               Gloves

Sleeping bags                                 Tarps

Mens boxers                                    Womens underwear

Boots and shoes                             Winter Boots

Mens Jeans                                      Winter Hats

Back Packs-Duffle bags                Plastic water bottles 

Hygiene items:

Deodorant                    Nail clippers

Foot powder                Sunscreen

Hand Sanitizer (lg)     Hand Sanitizer (small personal size)

Chapstick                     Hand warmers

Disposable razors       Shaving cream

Tampons                      Hairbrush

Cleaning Supplies:

Lysol spray                 Liquid Hand soap

Paper towels             Toilet Paper

Dish soap                   Disinfecting wipes

Large trash bags      Tissues

Washcloths               Bath towels

Individual load size laundry detergent

Kitchen and Misc: 

Paper plates               Paper bowls

Sugar                            Coffee & Creamer

Granola/Fruit bars     Bottled water (cases)

Plastic wear                12oz Hot beverage Cups with lids

Small Bibles               White copier paper

Local RTD tickets     King Soopers gift cards

Sm/Lg envelopes     Scotch tape

AA Batteries              AAA Batteries 

We also accept various donations that can be utilized to run classes, programs, administrative support, etc.  Please contact us if you have any questions!  Thanks!