Tuesday Day Program Site:
Every Tuesday we operate a day program to provide services and programs to those who seek help.  Below is a general schedule and some of the services offered on a regular basis. We desire to provide new classes and workshops to meet the needs of our community.
  Tentative Weekly Schedule: 
 10:00am - 11:30am Open Program Time, Classes & Activities
 11:30am - 12:30pm Lunch
 12:30pm - 1:30pm Open Program, Structured time, Classes
 1:30pm  -  2:30pm
Bible Study, Testimonies or Movie
 2:30pm  -  3:00pm Clean Center & Close Doors
Tuesday Services:
 Computer Lab
For Research,Personal time, Classes or just staying connected.

ID's, Drivers License, Birth/Death certificate assistance.
Vouchers provided through Metro Caring. Possible help with SSA as well

Mailing Site
Register to use our address to recieve mail,  applications or benefits.

Resource Room
Earn vouchers for Clothing, Hygiene,and other needed items.

Bible Studies, Testimonies, other events as needs arise.

Community Resources
Volunteer navigators may be able to assist with SSI/SSDI, Medicade, Food Banks, etc.

 Severe Weather Warming Site
Register guests,train volunteers and host on the nights it is open.

Provided each Tuesday from
11:30 - 12:30 and possibly alight lunch/snack on Thursdays.

Offered at all times we're open and even when we're closed.

Job Readiness
Resume's, basic computer skills, local opportunities with our nieghbors.

 Community Partnerships
Food banks, clothing, behavioralhealth, medical, etc.

Community Service
Opportunities to work for a non-profit and complete your service hours.
Good Neighbors
Help us be good neighbors by cleaning up our block from trash

Possible Future projects
Laundry? Showers?

Warming Site Pick Up:
In short, Giving Heart assists with the sign ups and operating a warm and safe environment for the homeless to wait for a shuttle on cold nights.
How it works:
  • Giving Heart has partnered with Severe Weather Shelter Network in an attempt to better shelter the homeless on severe weather nights from October through March.  Severe weather is considered below 32 degrees and wet or 20 degrees and dry.  
  • Homeless individuals can sign up at a variety of locations in the Denver Metro area, including at Giving Heart on Tuesday afternoons.  Each person is issued an ID card to verify they are approved for the program.
  • When the forecast is projecting that severe climates Severe Weather Shelter Network will open up its services for the night.  Clients call a number given to them to sign up for shelter space that evening.
  • On severe weather nights, at 6pm Giving Heart opens its doors to provide a warm shelter as the homeless wait for Severe Weather Shelter Network volunteers to come pick them up and bring them to a local church, where they are able to sleep inside from the elements.